Beauty, Passion, Voice

Elisa Malatesta is a Soprano recording artist from Toronto and has been releasing music for more than 20-years. After a short hiatus, she released her crossover album “Beauty Passion Voice” and restarted from where she left off.

Elisa Malatesta
Elisa Malatesta

Sharing the Stage With Celebrated Singers

Elisa has had countless media appearances and has shared the stage with artists such as The Tenors, Mediterranean Guitarist Pavlo, Christopher Dallo, Songsbury, and Viva Trio. Her music has the perfect blend of orchestral purity with modern pop tones and melody.

Touch One’s Heart

Music, whether it be opera, crossover, or pop songs, adds a touch of class to any event. It uplifts the audiences in a way that can never be done otherwise. That one song can immediately tap into someone's emotions, bringing back a thousand memories and touch one's heart.

Elisa Malatesta
Elisa Malatesta

A Song for Every Occasion

Elisa Malatesta opera events services include weddings, corporate functions, galas, birthdays, fundraisers, celebrations of life, ceremonies, concerts, and many more. Here, our mission is to bring life to every event with beauty, passion, and voice.


Elisa Rose is a singer and songwriter from Toronto. Her repertoire of opera, classical, and pop music has given her the opportunity to grace many stages while performing to many sold out audiences.

Elisa has released 3 albums and 10 singles with multiple songs being played across radio globally. She continues to write and record new original music and perform for audiences everywhere.